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Indoor & Outdoor Security Cameras

Checking up on your kids, pets, and assets while you’re away is now easier than ever! With our indoor and outdoor security cameras, you can easily monitor your property in real time, get instant alerts with smart clip capture, and capture every moment with continuous recording. In the event of a triggered alarm, you get immediate, live footage of what is happening right on your property to give you peace of mind.

Security Cameras Baltimore MD

Security Camera Video Monitoring Plans

1st Security’s Video Monitoring service offers 100% wireless, 24/7 monitoring for your protection. It includes anytime live streaming, smart clip capture with secure cloud storage, instant video alerts, and continuous high definition recording.

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Smart Phone Video Monitoring Baltimore MD


  • High quality HD video, even in low-light situations
  • Integrates with your existing video camera system
  • Multiple camera views on a single screen
  • Full control of your view by remotely panning and tilting cameras on your smartphone or tablet


  • Set triggers to automatically start recording when activity is detected
  • Customize triggers by motion, time, day, or camera
  • Get push notifications when a door is opened
  • Receive real-time alerts via email or text


  • Get before and after footage in the event of a tripped alarm
  • Clips are saved to a searchable repository for access
  • Set your recordings to on or off any time


  • Capture high definition video 24/7 with’s continuous recording feature
  • Access streaming and video clip files from anywhere

Available Security Cameras at 1st Security USA

1st Security USA offers a wide-range of industry-leading security camera products. Take a look below to view our current security camera offerings:

Doorbell Security Camera Baltimore MD &’s Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera

Get the all-new Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera by! It comes fully equipped with an integrated camera, PIR motion sensor, and digital microphone and speaker. You can now answer the door, speak to visitors through two-way audio, record doorbell triggered clips, and set motion-triggered automation rules – all from the app!

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Doorbell Security Camera Baltimore MD & VASkyBell’s Slim Line Wi‐Fi Doorbell Camera

The Slim Line Wi‐Fi Doorbell Camera by SkyBell also features an integrated camera, PIR motion sensor, digital microphone and speaker! You can answer the door and speak to visitors via two‐way audio – all right from the SkyBell app! You can also record doorbell-triggered clips, set motion-triggered automation rules and receive real‐time alerts.

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Security Camera Baltimore MD &’s 521IR Indoor Security Camera

The new 521IR Indoor Security Camera by is compact, stylish, and easy to install. It comes fully equipped with a 1MP sensor for a viewing resolution of 720P at 30 frames per second, giving you sharp footage for every recorded moment. The wide-angle view at 110 degrees offers a wider viewing area for more peace of mind.

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