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“The professionalism of Jeremy and Larry won me over.  Jeremy explained how the system would work wrote up the contract.  Larry did the installation. He arrived promptly at 9AM on a Saturday.  He took his time installing the alarms and made sure all of them were positioned just right.  He also made sure that we understood how the system worked.  My husband and I are Senior Citizens so I was concerned about the system being complicated, but it is so simple to use.  Larry installed the phone app for us and made sure we knew how to use it.  I feel like we are now part of the 1st Security USA family.  I highly recommend 1st Security USA.  Thank you, Jeremy and Larry.” — Mother A.

To All Of Our Valued Current and Future Customers:

Customers sometimes ask about the “no contract” option because they have heard of these programs via the Do it yourself (DIY) only companies.
A lot of these companies have come and gone.
Most of the time customers may have had a bad customer experience which is why it is understandable to be a little concerned with the standard 36-month contract that has existed in this industry for decades.
At 1st security USA we have never had to cancel a contract for bad performance of the system and/or the service. We bend over backwards to make sure the system is working and that if there is an issue with the system, we fix it in a timely manner. The contract protects the customer just as much as it protects us.  We have always looked at it as if we do not perform then the customer will not want to pay. We want customers to stay long term well past the original 36-month contract, therefore we must make sure the customer is happy by keeping the system up and running and providing great service on the system if needed. This is why we give 100% parts and labor warranty with every monitoring plan.
The reason for the 36-month contract is to cover the cost of the equipment over time, just like buying a house or a car. This is how a company is able to have a starting package with a keypad, door/window sensors and a motion all usually for starting around $99.00 (install/activation) and a 36-month contract for a certain amount of money monthly. Usually after the 36-months it goes month-to-month at that point. However, there are still some customers that may prefer a “no contract” system for various reasons for example a renter, someone moving often, real estate investors and more.
For those types of customers that need that option we can still do a system for them, as long as the costs are covered upfront. The customer would have to pay upfront for the cost of the equipment, installation and the monitoring would go month to month.
For example our basic starting package of the main keypad, 9 perimeter door/window contacts and 1 motion we would charge $975.00 for the purchase, professional installation, activation and remote app set up. The monthly monitoring of $29.99/month would then go from month-to-month. This system is expandable just like any other  system that we do.
Any questions about this type of program please call and we would be glad to help.

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