On: June 28, 2018

During the summer months in the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. metro areas, the weather grows warmer and draws people outside. Your children may be out of school, and if they are older, they may stay at home during the day while you are working. Or your family may be on vacation. If your children are home alone or you are all away on vacation, it is important for you to make certain that your home is protected from would-be intruders. Fortunately, 1st Security USA offers the most advanced wireless home smart security systems that can help you to have peace and keep your home secure, safe, and protected.

Why DIY smart home solutions may not be enough

There are many home security systems available that you can purchase and install yourself. These smart home systems may be linked to your smartphone and send you alerts when something is amiss. You can use some of these systems to control your lights, locks and garage door. However, these solutions have some limitations.

A DIY system that sends you alerts for you to investigate on your own may fall short. There’s a chance of missing an alert if you are not paying attention. And, it may also be inconvenient or even dangerous for you to investigate. Some of the DIY systems are not as sophisticated as the professionally installed systems and may alert you but it’s only a false alarm, which can be stressful and inconvenient.

If the case is a real emergency, you’ll be glad that you opted for professional home security monitoring. Regardless of the time of day or where you might be, our professionals are expertly trained to respond to any alarms generated from your system and respond quickly, efficiently, and accordingly.

Professionally Monitored Home Security Systems

A good home security system comes with professional monitoring. The systems we recommend, Alarm.com, all come with professional monitoring, allowing you to have more confidence that your home will be secure at all times. You need a home security system that detects burglars before then break in. Professional monitoring offers you the round-the-clock protection that your home and family deserve.

Other Features to Keep Your Home Safe

In addition to professional monitoring, other features that are available with systems from Alarm.com include such things as smart locks. These can be great for a vacation home that you decide to rent out during the summer. With this feature, you are able to create a temporary four-digit code that will only work for a time period that you specify. You are also able to add many other smart features such as doorbells cameras, and monitored smoke detectors. Control the temperature in your home from the same security app, allowing you to adjust the thermostat even if you’re not home. The systems from Alarm.com also uses a dedicated cellular connection, meaning that it is unnecessary to rely on your existing broadband. This helps to ensure that your security system and other features will always be running even if your broadband stops working or your electricity goes out.

Contact 1st Security USA Today

To learn more about installing one of the best home security systems with professional monitoring in your home, contact the professionals at 1st Security USA today. We can answer any questions that you might have and help you customize a system that will have all of the security features that you need to keep you and your family safe, whether you’re home or away.  With professional monitoring, you can also feel secure that your home will always be protected by trained security professionals at all times.

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