On: March 15, 2018

Qolsys S-Line Sensors- Security Systems Baltimore, Columbia MD, VA & BeyondIn our continued effort to find ways to make our customers’ homes safer and more secure, 1st Security USA now carries Qolsys S-Line Sensors!  

What Are Qolsys S-Line Sensors?

S-Line, which stands for “secure-line,” sensors are available on a variety of Qolsys products. They use an advanced encryption scheme between the sensor and the IQ Panel 2 to ensure that every sensor event – unlock command, motion detected, door open, etc. – is unique.

With unencrypted sensors, the devices can be vulnerable to “replay attacks” by easy-to-obtain software that can send repeat sensor events, leaving your home security system at risk.

With S-Line sensors, a unique encryption algorithm is passed along when pairing the sensor with the device, ensuring that each sensor event is unique.

S-Line sensors currently are available on Qolsys motion, glass, door & window, and keyfob devices.

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