Is 1st Security USA a Good Fit for You?

How is 1st Security USA different than other security companies?

1st Security USA is a local family owned and operated business. We offer the same service and protection that we would give to one of our family
embers. Unlike other companies, we understand that one type of system doesn’t fit every house. We customize every system to fit your specific needs and concerns. 3 doors and motion is not protection, it is the semblance of protection.

Can 1st Security USA takeover my existing system?

Yes, we can take over or use almost any system.  

What is a Takeover?

We have the ability to monitor old and new hardwired and wireless security systems for those people who do not want to upgrade to a brand new system for purposes of potential money savings.

What is a Tradeout?

For customers who want to upgrade, we can replace existing keypad with a new keypad and still use existing door/window contacts, motions, and glass breakage detectors. This gives customers the ability to have benefits and features of the new keypad while saving money by not having to purchase multiple door/window contacts, motions and glass breakage detectors.

How much is Monitoring?

Monitoring cost range depending on services provided.  Monitoring can be as low as $29.99 per month

Can I add on to the system after the initial installation?

Yes, you can add on to your system at any time.

What happens if I move?

1st Security USA is there for you during your move and can move your system to a new location.

In certain cases, we can offer a brand new system.

Which is better: tradeout or takeover?

Depending on how many current zones in the existing system, the customer may be better off getting a brand new system due to the fact that we offer so many zones in the basic package. If the zones in our basic package outnumber the zones in the current system, then it would make sense for the customer to start brand new.

Can I control my alarm system from my mobile device?

Yes, 1st Security USA is powered by and can use Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows 7 or later, and Apple watch.

Do I need to check for permits and/or registration in my area?

No, 1st Security USA will take care of any permit or registration (fee may apply for registration).

Do pets trigger motion detectors?

Only pets over 40 lbs are capable of triggering motion sensors. To safeguard against pet-triggered alarms, we place motions 7 feet or higher.  Your sales consultant can help with this decision.

Can I get Home Automation with my System?

Yes, 1st Security USA supports most Z wave home automation devices.  Contact our technical department for more details.

I don't have a landline phone, can I still get a monitored system?

Yes, 1st Security USA offers mobile monitoring with WiFi back up (dual path technology).  You do not need a home telephone line to have a system with 1st SecurityUSA.

Mobile monitoring with is the most reliable monitoring available.

FREE System, after $49 activation fee

1st Security USA gives you 3X the equipment
for 50% the price of our competitors.
• 9 Door/Window Contacts
• 1 Motion Sensor
• 1 Qolsys IQ 2 Panel
• Smart Phone Application
• Yard Sign and Window Decals
• FREE Video Doorbell*

Sales Phone

(866) 891-7261

Service Phone

(855) 871-7233

Installation Phone

(866) 891-7261

False Alarm

(855) 875-7233


(855) 742-9180


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False Alarm: (855) 875-7233

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