A security camera is a basic component of a smart home system. And regardless if it’s being used indoors or outdoors, its features must be appropriate for the security needs of the family. After all, 52 percent of the burglaries happen during the daytime when everyone is away. And one of the best ways of catching and identifying a thief is by using a trusty security camera…

So in this entry, we are going to feature 4 of the best security camera system units of 2018 and choose which one will best fit according to the security requirements of your household.

The Most Important Features To Consider In Choosing The Right Security Camera

But before we look into the top security camera products of 2018, we are going to share with you first the most important features that you need to consider in choosing the right camera system:

  1. Motion Detection
  2. Resolution
  3. Sound
  4. Wi-Fi Capability
  5. Range of Movement
  6. Field of View
  7. Night Vision
  8. Price

Now here are the best security camera system models of 2018:

Vimtag Cloud Camera (VT-361 PTZ)

The Vitmag Could Camera is very popular security device among smart homeowners these days as it comes with these remarkable features which are often expected from a security camera: 720p resolution; 120 degrees Pan and 320 degrees Tilt; 3x digital zoom function; and Microphone and Speaker which can double as an intercom.

Pros: Priced at below $100, the VT-361 PTZ is one of the reasonably-priced security cameras in the market today. Aside from that, it comes with a 3x digital zoom function which is a rare feature among stand-alone security cameras.

Cons: 720p may not offer the clearest resolution, but it’s still a high definition security camera.

Logitech Circle 2

This impressive security device from Logitech is an improved version of its predecessor. The Circle 2 camera is a great addition to your security system as it comes with these great features such as a 180-degree view, 1080p HD resolution, and 24-hour cloud storage. The Logitech Circle 2 can be availed as a wired device that needs an electric adapter to function or a wireless version that requires a rechargeable battery (sold separately for $200).

Pros: The best home-kit compatible home security camera that is ideal for indoor and outdoor installation; easy to install; with voice control application.

Cons: Price is at $180, and you may have to spend an additional $200 for the wireless version.

Nest Hello

If you are looking for an innovative security camera design, then this best security camera system of 2018 is for you. Nest Hello is an unusual type of security camera as it acts like a hi-tech doorbell/lock system instead of being a conventional smart cam. It comes with a facial recognition feature and advanced integrations that allows you to connect to Google Home speakers and Cam IQ indoor.

Pros: Facial recognition

Cons: Does not function as a typical security camera but more of a smart lock/smart doorbell.

Alarm.com’s Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera

And last but not the least is one of the products that we offer here at 1st Security USA, the Wi-Fi doorbell camera from Alarm.com. This camera model is also one of the most advanced types of smart doorbells you can find out there with lots of cool features such as a PIR motion sensor, integrated camera, and a digital mic with a speaker.

Moreover, this product also allows you to speak to visitors without opening the door, record doorbell-triggered clips, and configure the motion-triggered settings.

Pros: Most innovative design and the best smart doorbell of 2018; available at 1st Security USA, the best security camera system providers in the home automation industry.

Cons: Does not function as a typical security camera but more of a smart lock/smart doorbell.